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As your gaze shifts back to the sketch you've drawn, a wave of astonishment courses through you. The lines on the paper seem to come alive, flowing and twisting as they transform into the elegant form of a dragoness. With wide eyes, you watch as the illustration takes on depth and dimension, her lithe body and graceful features materializing before you.


But then, to your bewilderment, you feel a strange sensation coursing through your own body. Your heart races as you become acutely aware of a subtle shift occurring within you. It starts as a tingling sensation, like an electric current tracing its way through your veins. Your breath catches in your throat as you watch your own reflection morph to match the sketch, your features changing, your body taking on the form of the dragoness on the page.


With a mixture of shock and awe, you witness your own skin adopting a smooth, scaled texture, shimmering in a range of vibrant hues. Your limbs elongate, growing lithe and sinuous, as you feel a new sense of strength and grace coursing through your being. Your hands transform into delicate claws, and a pair of magnificent wings sprout from your back, their iridescent membranes unfurling with a sense of ethereal beauty.


You are now a dragoness, standing in awe of your own transformation. As you take in the sight of your altered reflection, a myriad of emotions swirl within you. Disbelief mingles with wonder, as the lines between reality and fantasy blur in an inexplicable dance. You have become the very embodiment of the dragoness you sketched—a creature of myth and legend, both powerful and captivating.


Every movement now feels different, yet strangely familiar. You experiment with your newfound form, testing the strength and flexibility of your wings. With a gentle flap, you feel the rush of air beneath them, the sensation both exhilarating and grounding. Your scaled skin tingles as if attuned to the world around you, heightening your senses and granting you a deeper connection to the natural realm.


In this extraordinary moment, you stand on the threshold of an extraordinary adventure, a living embodiment of the sketch that materialized before your eyes. The profound change that has overtaken you fills you with equal parts awe and trepidation. What does this transformation signify? What path will it lead you down?

Written by - on 07 June 2023

The end (for now)

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