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"Oh..." So, with a long and tired sigh, you set off.


"Who's in the exploration party?" a shout sounded before a small group began to stumble together. You followed some of the unfamiliar feline faces towards the edge of town. A few people lingered behind to watch the town, but a majority of people followed along beside you.


"Tail High!" Chorused those who lingered behind.




"Goodbye, it means. Someone just blurted it one day... Apparently, it's a common phrase of the species" the adventurer to your right explained. "I'm Elda by the way."


"Oh. How long have you been here?"


"I can't even remember" she responded, her voice dulling at the topic. She hesitated a moment, but after a long stretch without anyone talking, she spoke up again. "At first, I was alone. I spent the whole time just running, trying to defend myself..." Her eyes looked distant, far away. Her tail behind her drooped sadly. "Finally, a few more people began to arrive, spawning outside of town, but always a bit close. Then, with more people, we were able to start exploring."


"So far, we've found a lake-" Another voice cut in.


"Holy sh-"


"Guys! Over here!" came a sudden interrupting holler from the front of the pack. Everyone rushed, your long four limbs thundering against the ground until you arrived in the clustered group gathered around a dusty trunk tucked back against a tree.


"Is that a treasure chest?" you whispered, almost to yourself.


"What's inside?"


Written by Picklessauce69 on 10 January 2017

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