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"Let's see!" With a sudden, hard yank they lifted the hefty lid of the trunk up to reveal a single tool inside. A hammer built from a simplistic combination of wood and a solid rock tethered to its top.


"A hammer!" everyone gasped, realizing the importance of anything to replace their sore, tender hands in the constant battle of rebuilding.


"There's only one!"


"Yeah, but can't we make that!?" A genius among the gathered, clamoring noise pointed out. You swiveled, staring at the bright green of the speaker.


"Athalmus-" came a harsh whisper to your side, you turned to see the familiar face from earlier, once again explaining the world around you that seemed so new, so challenging. "He's been here for a bit longer than you. Very smart, it was him who thought up the lean-tos."


"We just need sticks, rocks, and something like a vine or thick grasses!" he explained, sending people off in a clamor of activity to build themselves a hammer. You joined the thick of them, losing yourself to the task.


"Wow! My own hammer! This will be great for rebuilding!" But, suddenly, as everyone finished their hammers and hefted them into the air, that night was once again falling. The sun, high above, had started to sink down in the sky and you'd accomplished nothing but find a single, makeshift tool.


"I'm not a single step closer to leaving this place..." you whispered to yourself, bitterly starting to rushed march home just in time for the same wave of monsters to hit, spawning one after another just outside of the small town's walls.


Bashing, swinging your hammer with your upper arms while you rushed around the perimeter with pounding, strong legs; you fell into the rhythm of battle again. But, in that rush, another night was lost.


"Plus..." you thought as the sun began to rise and you collapsed beneath a dusty lean to to sleep fitfully. "How long is a day here in the real world?"

Written by Picklessauce69 on 24 January 2017

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