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The bright suns meet your eyes, much to your distaste, as well as the taste of blood in your maw. Your head pounds as if you are waking with a hangover. The world isn't spinning anymore however, and the light of the day is green as ever. Wind whips about you quickly as you sit up and look around. Where are you now? You wonder. The trees aren't like those that were around the night before, though the wildlife sounds the same so you couldn't have wandered too far. Or so you think. You aren't entirely sure of anything at this point. Between the events of the last few days and the dismal morning you find yourself amongst, not much seems to hold you together. Yet, you press on. You must find a way out of here, off of here, away from here, something. You just have to get away. The thought of winding up like the couple in the basement sends an uneven chill straight down your back and both tails.


You shiver and stand. Your ears catch a sound in the distance approaching quickly. The smell of smog now hits your nose as well. Wolves. Enemy Helicopters are inbound and headed your way. You duck behind a larger tree and watch as they fly overhead, the sound and smell truly deafening. A much louder sound cracks further on and a hot wave of air rushes over you. Then you see it, fire rising out over the forest past you. Their smoking out more Vulpines; firebombing the woods. Horrible explosions bring tree after tree down and screams can be heard miles away, even where you stand so far off.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 22 November 2013


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