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"A Fox. No I'm a Fox. That is not right. Why can't I say what I am?" Dan says."
"Because you are a fox and that's how we know it. " said Jake.
Dan holds out his hands. "Do these look like fox paws?" he said before watching in shock as fur starts to grow on them. "I'm a human. I'm a human. Why is this happening?"
"It's the booze, man. It's the booze," says Jake.
"Shut up," says Dan as his nose starts to stretch. He looks furious. He holds out his hands again. His nails are turning black. "I'm a human," he says again. Then he screams as his teeth start to sharpen. His nose moves up his face as his mouth fills with razor-sharp teeth.
"How do you explain your tail if you are a human?" asks David.
A tail? Dan turns and looks at his butt. He feels it and looks at the others. "Terrific. Now I've gone and I'm a freak."
"You're a fox, man," says Jake. "Foxes have tails."
Pammy spoke up next "And foxes have paws instead of shoes" She grabbed his arm and turned his hands over to reveal the furry paws.
"You are an animal trapped in a humans body. Now you must embrace your true selves" "Your inner animal," says David.
The group starts chanting "Embrace your inner animal"
That chant continues as fur sprouts all over Dan's body, his legs bending as his feet turn into a proper paw. He lets out a terrified scream before his screams are silenced as a snout grows out of his face covered in fur.
David joined the conversation next "The next question for you is are you a todd or a vixen?"

Written by Ai Dungeon on 01 December 2020


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