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Dan struggled to say what he wanted to say before the wrong answer came out "T... T... Vixen. I am a Vixen"
"Good, Good, you are learning" David replies.
"Hey that's not fair, you told him the best choice," says Jake.


Gassan looks over at Dan before asking "And what is the difference between a todd fox and a vixen fox?"Dan frowns as the words came to his mouth "A vixen's chest is larger, while they have the equipment for the growing kit inside of them."
Already he could feel his chest expanding. While between his legs he could feel his manhood being sucked into his body.
The group claps at his answer as he feels his chest expand and is horrified to find new sensations coming from between his legs. He looks down and realizes he's now a vixen. He screams in horror and runs off to find some water to put out the fire that's run through his veins.
"What do you think David?" asks Jake.
"I think Dan is only just realizing what she is."
"Ah yes. It is too bad, he could have been a fine todd."
Pammy asks "Should we go after him?"
David thinks for a moment before replying "Yes, we have more questions for her."
The group follows Dan. The vixen now looks at the rest of the group "Why are you doing this?" she asks.
"Doing what?" asks Jake.
"Making me what I am."
"You are what you are."says David.
"I'm a person, not an animal," she replies.
"You may not be human but you are still a person" says Pammy.
"What is your point?" asks Dan.
Gassan joins in next "I think she's saying you should embrace who you are."
"You're an idiot, you know that?" says Jake who get a punch on the arm from Gassan .
"Next question" says Jake "How many kits are in a litter?"
"Five" says David.
"Four or Five" says Gassan together with Jake.
"That's not fair, you had both of us." says Gwen
"Sorry, but my answer is right."
Jake looks at Dan "Who do you think is right?"

Written by Ai Dungeon on 10 December 2020


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