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"None of you are right" said Dan before gulping "A litter can be up to six kits". She realizes the ramifications of this as two points on her chest start to tingle.
As the grow out into a second pair of breasts another pair of tingles form underneath.Dan shouts out into the night "It is bad enough that I am a girl. I have to have six weights on my front?"
By now her shirt has given up trying to contain everything and only is covering her top pair.
Jake looks over at her "I think the boys are right."
"Yeah, I guess so" she replies "This is stupid. I'm going home" and she starts to walk off towards her house.
Jake calls after her "Do you want a ride?"
Fearing what would happen if she said yes she shakes her head walking away.
David soon follows her. Spying on her as he goes.
She looks back "Stop following me.". He shakes his head "One more question. How many tails does a fox have?"

Written by Ai Dungeon on 16 December 2020

Five, you idiot!

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