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“Uhh, technician?” when you heard your voice ring out down the gurney-cluttered hallways, the reality of what you said had sat in.
“Okay, please fill out this form.” She brought out a neat looking clipboard with a piece of paper checkered with questions and spaces for a response. Anxiety gripped your body and you smiled somewhat defensively. Her species took it as a cheerful gesture, and returned it, only feeding into your nervousness; yet you took the clipboard anyway.
“Did you know what you just said?” the guide asked as you sat down, clutching the wooden slat against your bosom.
“I’m fine.” You replied, trying hard to not meet his eyes. “Yeah I knew what I said.” You continued in a jumpy tone.
“...I thought you came here for the puppies?”
“I changed my mind!” You spat back at him, doubling down on your anxiety. “Anyway, I have the skills to do this job anyway. I’ve watched the discovery channel before.” you said in a condescending manner.
“Well… Whatever you say dear!” the guide said, shrugging, just before he took off. “Wish you luck!” He trotted off quickly as he left you in the empty waiting room. You looked to your clipboard, and back at his receding figure. Something about the dreary flickering lighting seemed to enhance your anxiety. Had you truly known what you had done?
You quickly find a seat and begin looking over the form. The words looked like a scribble of foreign languages dancing across a glaring white background. It hurt your eyes, but you tried your best anyway.
Before you was a checklist of words past your comprehension, you wondered if you had truly made the right decision. According to this checklist, it seemed as if every answer scribbled across the parchment was the wrong choice.

Written by DriftingDragon on 07 April 2021

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