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As you plunged into the ocean, the feeling of the ice cold water was almost relieving the deeper you pierced into the water. You could feel your body cutting effortlessly through the ocean as you continued to swim.
Somehow, you never felt this alive in your life- maybe it was just the cold water on your face, or your heart beating out of your chest. Still, there under the water, you still had that same sense of calm keeping your mind from racing. Before long, you realized how much you actually loved it under there. It almost didn’t seem to cross your mind to come back up to the surface from how large your lungs had become.
Despite having held your breath for so long, you didn’t seem to need a refresher for some time. You could feel your double eyelids closing tightly- though you still retained better vision than if you had your eyes open normally. You loved the feeling of the water swishing against your chest and you almost found yourself being lost in the process of exploration.
Suddenly, your eyes started to pick up on some kind of large object underneath the ice. You quickly took a dip up on the surface before taking a deep breath and sliding back down to see what it was.
When you finally made it to the deeper depths of the ocean, you could see some kind of figure stuck in the ice. Upon taking a closer look, you were absolutely shocked by what you had seen. To you, it looked like frozen animals that you’ve never seen before. For a moment, you wondered if these alien creatures meant you had somehow been transported to an alien world, but somehow, they were similar enough to the animals you were used to.
It seemed as though you had discovered some undiscovered extinct species from simply swimming around under there.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 01 September 2023

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