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You were particularly freaked out by what you had noticed, but you took note of the shape of the iceberg sticking out of the water over where you had found the bodies. After looking at the sun and noticing that it was starting to set, you realized that it would be a better idea to not meddle in this situation yourself, at least not right now.
In the moment, you were enjoying your new Selkie body as you continued to swim through the ice. Before long, you notice the sound of seals and their dark shapes dotting the icy shelf just ahead.
Your heart started to beat out of your chest in excitement as you noticed them. Somehow, you figured that in this form, it would be easier for you to meet and interact with your fellow animals. Your heart almost skipped when you thought about the people you would meet along your adventure. Of course, a group of seals would be a nice place to start. You wonder if it’d be a good idea to approach the nearby animals.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 05 September 2023

Approach the seals.
Stay back for a moment

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