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I nod then consume. I am incredibly hungry, so I eat more slobbish than I normally do. I quickly finish and lay down on the ground, rubbing my belly which is thankful for even that bit of food. At this point, it is night. The sun has set and the moon hung just below the canopy, sending lunar light through the heavy wood. I release a content sigh and close my eyes. After a moment, I feel Vicki lay beside me and lay half of her body over my own. When I open my eyes, they meet hers. I place my hand on the small of her back and rub softly. We embrace as the night sets in.


Day breaks, the sun is rising, giving a warm glow to the island. Tropical birds sound their calls and the critters scurry about. I groan and stretch, releasing the night time stiffness. My eyes still closed, I run my hand up Vicki’s back, reaching her neck. I halt. I grip my fingers and palm what feels like a fistful of… fur. I snap up and open my eyes. Laying where Vicki had, is now an anthropomorphic buck. Antlers stretch from the top of his head, an eight-point rack replaced the c cup rack, a coat of warm brown and tan fur covering his body. I look down the deer’s back and see a tail flick.


With a shout, I jump up from my laying position, jolting my new sleeping partner awake.


“Wh-what?! What’s going on?” The buck exclaims as he sets himself up on the ground.


“Who, what are you?!”

Written by Nero Hopps on 27 June 2018

Both Vicki

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