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You launch yourself against one of the first flying demons, ripping him apart with your claws, his hot blood splatters over your beak. You don’t stop there, quickly taking another of the vile creatures in your claws and ripping it in half.


You feel the fury rushing through your blood, the strength in your claws ripping the creatures with ease and the powerful wings that keep you aloft and propel you with amazing speed.


No! That’s wrong, it’s only a game! You are controlling it with your hands. You are human.


You try to resist, but the creature in the screen moves almost by itself, pouncing against the enemies, biting and clawing at them with the ferocity of a prime predator. There is nothing that can stand in front of you.


With ease you maneuver around one of the bigger demons and kill him with a deep slash of your claws. You are bathed in his blood, but you emerge victorious.


Why wouldn’t you want to be like that?


Why would you want to be human?


Let go, allow yourself to be powerful and free.


You crave for the skies, the unbound freedom of the flight.


You can feel your wings flapping with force in the warm air. One wing stroke, then another. Doesn’t it feel natural? You ride the warm currents with ease, your powerful eyes tracking those that oppose you.


New fire blooms under your feathers, flushing your skin, giving you strength. Narrowing your wings, you hurtle straight toward your next enemy. You talons stretched out for the kill. Your razor beak opened wide.


Are you scared of the change? Scared of losing your humanity?


You claw at the creature even as his sharp jaws close around your leg, the pain is fierce, but you don’t stop. Your claws reach for his eyes.


You are a brave warrior. You are a perfect predator, nothing hunts you. Nothing scares you.


The creature screams in pain and you bite hard, your beak cutting his flesh easily. You are victorious once more. You flatten your wings and dive over the ground enemies, slashing and killing them without problem, your claws rip their shields and your beak crushes their skulls.


Allow yourself to be that powerful.

Written by Ashley-natter on 03 January 2017

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