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When he awoke, it was like someone played hell on his muscles. Everything hurt in some unexpected way, and he felt a bit more bare beneath the blanket as his clothes had evidently been taken away. This probably made more sense, since he had too lush a coat of fur to wear anything over it too easily, but the idea of being nude like an animal unsettled him. With his stirrings, each of his friends took their notice of him a few at a time, but it was Pammy that went to him first. "Are you ready to see the truth?"


Truth or dare. He should've known. Now, he was going to get both because this was their way of easing him into an uncomfortable awareness that he had a past life and had gotten too immersed in a lie. That he had forgotten the whole reason why he had been sent to Earth, but had been converted to something he wasn't. Daniel was remembering now, bit by bit. If he had a gold for every time that happened, he'd be living in a Sky Castle. That last thought stopped him in his ruminations, causing him to wonder where he'd heard it before. Was it something Garran or Jake said?


"The truth, yes. Let's start with that." Dan finally spoke gustily, a strange higher-pitched voice came out that he didn't recognise as his own, or even male. It startled him. Still, there was nothing for his bewilderment as they helped him rise to unsteady feet in front of a tall plate glass mirror on a closet. As the blanket fell away, it was hard to figure out who or what was staring back at him. Her. The body was that of a horse with wings, with black fur as dark as a moonless night, and a pair of eyes full of sharp but questioning curiosity and intellect. There were no doubts toward gender, the way she accomodated those nice curves and luscious bumps of her pegasi body.


She was remembering, but not very quickly, so they had to fill in the gaps as she stood there curiously staring at the other bipedal naked female pagasus in the mirror like a stranger quickly becoming a tangible old friend, and then after that, her rightful self as familiarity dawned. "Night Rider, The Old King sent us on a mission into other realms to colonize with friendship and wings after he was rejected from the Greater Realm for his forward unconventional ways. He is under cover at their United Nations scoping out the political scheme while we awaited as sleeper agents to acclimate to the culture and prepare for the arrival of further like-minded allies to bring our winged glory to this world." It all seemed so strange, so unconventionally weird that Night had to stop and think it through for herself as her friends looked on expectently in their human forms hoping she would remember soon and get back on the friendship-spreading conquest bandwagon like the rest of them so they could go on observing and slowly perfecting a ponification formula for the humans.


Night Rider remembered, but that didn't mean she accepted what was going on. Even so, she knew that refusing outright would just earn her a couple months or more in the solitary confinement of the reconditioning chamber back at home base in Greece. Instead, she had to take hold of this insanity and accept it on the outside like some exposed conspirators did a few years back before The Old King's first failure at forced colonization of the Greater Realm. "Yes, let's get to it every peg. May the wings be freedom." And that was all Night had to say to trick them into thinking she still believed in the old regime while reviling it every second with vile about to come up the back of her throat.

Written by FluffyPony on 03 June 2015

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