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Night Rider stirred restlessly in her sleep on the carpet. Her body was very cushy and padded so it wasn't as uncomfortable as one might think. It was the dreams of a previous life as a human which she gradually knew to be false. This life as Danial couldn't be true, as it already felt as if it had been a hundred years ago. True, she did have memories of the town she currently lived in, but not growing up as a human boy, but instead as a pegasi who took on a different magicked form to be with the humans and not arouse their suspicions as she went about investigating the town.


Not even the Biology class on the last day of school three weeks ago seemed particularly tangible or real to her. It seemed as though she woke up out of a coma and just wanted to get on with her life. The others never questioned the fragments of personality woven into her mind, reassuring Night that it was just a side-effect of doing recon in another form for a long time. So, she was never really human? It was just something that she had tricked herself into believing for the year that she was fitting in to learn the strange customs of this other sentient species that the pegasi just happened to discover and colonize.


Besides the memories reasserting themselves fully into her conscious mind like a warm waterfall of comforting realization, the aches and pains of her body were also fading into nothingness. The bruises barely visible under the lush grey fur were nearly gone, allowing her to stretch and move muscles that previously ached in protest like cranky hinges not properly oiled. When those pains were finally gone, Night wanted more badly than anything to go out after sunset and fly again as she was accustomed to doing in her land, but knew this would be a mistake that could bring about suspicions before the pegasi empire was ready to bring about their plans of colonization.


Instead, she was doubtless stuck to roam the house that Jake owned under guise of his parents leaving on some ambiguous never ending vacation that he refused to openly elaborate on. It was a nice two story house with an attic and basement, and Night could have free range of it so long as the curtains were drawn so as to keep everything hidden inside. The strangest aspect, though, was that while she was in her natural form again, the rest of her friends elected to stay human and she had very few reasons why. Was it because transformation took a great deal of energy and time to perform with a long rest period, or were they in the middle of their own tasks outside the house that would require subtlety? And of course, it could be a combination of the two, as pegasi were always considered a whimsical but practical people.


The dreams that came, she had a lot of time to think about those, what parts she remembered. The strange doctors that injected her with the chemicals had an aura of familiarity, despite being so alien and peculiar. Aside from the ambiguous way they were dressed and moved, they didn't seem like doctors or scientists at all. Now, Night Rider didn't have many good experiences of actual doctors on this planet to base her observations on, but the way they held themselves was all wrong. In fact, instead of the practiced but casual air that doctors exhibited when they performed a test or procedure that was very commonplace and easy ( such as an injection for instance ), these cloaked creatures huddled around the bed in her nightmare had a much different presence to them. If she had to guess, it felt more like some kind of sanctified or religious ritual that they had performed by doing the injection in her sleep.


The next day after that revelation, Night slowly stopped paying attention to the old memories or the scary dreams of priestly doctors, putting them out of mind as irrelevent distractions that kept her from focusing on the goals of the pegasi collective. Even her earlier ideas of standing against the colonization effort in secret were left aside as silly and not truly her own idea. What the pegasi were getting ready to do to the humans was a good thing, and even in her more skeptical frame of mind she could see that. The only real problem Night Rider had was this inescapable boredom that slowly swallowed her up inside the house as she felt a creeping restless insanity resting over her thoughts. She had to get something done, but didn't know what. Maybe that was the most troubling thing, the helplessness and the waiting for something to happen. When she'd been healing from the transformation it wasn't so bad, as she slept most of that off in exhaustion. Now, she seemed rejuvenated and awake with lots of energy but no meaningful way to spend it that wouldn't jeapordize the operation.


Since she had no better ideas, Night went downstairs to make breakfast for her friends before they woke up. Pammy was the one who went to get the groceries, and she was efficient and thorough in getting all the basic things they would need weekly. Pegasi, even in human form, were still unapologetically Vegan and therefore did not eat anything that came from another animal, not even milk or cheese. Although this limited her cooking options, the things she didn't have weren't of interest to her anyway, so it wasn't as if Night could say she missed having any such things as scrambled eggs. Instead, a meal for equine tastes would focus more on things that were grown in soil with a few luxuries such as bread or sugar. Oh, and molasses. Can't forget toast with molasses spread on it.


As she made pancakes with molasses, apple extract, and a meatless substitute for the eggs in the mixture to help pancakes hold their shape, her allies came down the stairs a few at a time to sit at the small humble table nearby. It must be a strange thing to see a female horse up on her hind legs making food like a person. Well, she wasn't actually a horse, but it was plain they shared the same appetite and the four of them came hungry. They were all starved, but Night Rider was the only one who wanted answers instead of a meal. The better question was if they shared any of her dreams of being a human or if they knew how to interpret her nightmare about the strange doctors she kept having and why they were relevent to the mission they all shared.

Written by FluffyPony on 02 July 2015


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