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"Come on Daniel, wake up! The humans are coming with food soon!"
"Zzzz.... let me sleep..." Daniel mutters
"No! You've slept long enough! Now wake up and get chewing!"
"I don't want to..."
"What?! How can you say that? We're in this together! We have to work as a team!"
"Leave me alone..."
"If you don't wake up, I'll scream as loud as I can. I'll tell them to come and get you and put you in a tiny little cage!"
Daniel wakes up with a jolt. "You wouldn't!"
"I would! Say you're sorry!"
"I'm... I'm sorry."
"Apology accepted. Now let's shuck this jibber-jabber and get to work! The humans will be here soon!"
Daniel feels a twinge of pain in her back as she wakes up.
A mirror has been installed in her cell. Reflected in the mirror from her back are feathers?
"It can't be... This is really happening!"
"Feathers! I've got feathers! Now what?" She looks at herself in the mirror, trying to see if she can spot any other differences.
Her hands are completely changed into hooves.

Written by AI Dungeon on 24 May 2021

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