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All the shirts in the closet have been replaced with buttoned shirts.
The guard comes to the front of her cell. "If you are not dressed in five minutes then you will be going out naked."
"No! Please give me more time!" She pleaded.
The guard rolls her eyes and left to boss around other prisoners.
Daniel quickly gets dressed but her hooves cannot use the buttons.
The guard returns and shakes his head at the unbuttoned shirt. "Remove it now."
"Please wait one more minute!"
He sighs and checks his watch. "Fine, but just one more minute."
The guard goes back to his seat and Daniel frantically tries to button up the shirt with her hooves. It proves too difficult and she bursts into tears.
"Time is up, let's go."
Daniel is taken out of her cell. The shirt is removed and she is pushed into the room with the other changed.
"So you have reached that stage" one of the male says trying to not look at her chest"
Daniel looks down. Her chest is perky. She tries to cover it with her hands but they are hooves so all she does is poke herself. She stuffs both of her hands into her pocket, trying not to cry.
"It's alright."

Written by AI Dungeon on 28 May 2021

The end (for now)

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