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"Um... hello? Hello!" You shift as you faintly hear someone speak. Your eyes begin opening and widening as you feel the usual morning blues. You see a rather young man standing above you, just outside your shelter. He looks decent enough even if it is evident he didn't have a chance to shave and bathe for a day. Then it hits you! You start recalling the events of last night. You immediately get up, nearly hitting yourself on the head as the man raises his arms defensively. "Woah there woah! I mean you no harm!" he says and you look at him as you get up. You don't know what to say as you touch your breasts, you are indeed still a woman. The man for his part seems mildly uncomfortable. "Um... My name is Marcus." He begins. "Pleased to meet you. I was told there would be others here, but no one told me anything about that thing up there." He speaks trying to break the awkwardness.


"So Im not mad?" you ask him and he blinks at you. "Im not the only one who sees something fishy about all of this?" you ask him but then you realize. "The name is Quinn by the way, pleased to meet you Marcus." You say politely.


"Yeah... the tremors last night... coupled with the fact that I didn't see ANY cameras..." he says and then there is a pause. "I am lucky to have found you though. Im dying of thirst myself and you have found yourself a nice little lake here." He says and turns towards the lake. Do you tell him about what has transpired to you last night or not?

Written by Luksinatriks on 25 December 2017

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