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“Kill the invaders!” You heard their scream, coming from your left, but can barely believe in the goblins coming through the breaches in the ruins like a small army. They wear no armor and come armed with blowguns and sharp obsidian blades.


The soldiers were stunned for a moment of surprise, but they had trained all their lives to slay monsters and responded with cold professionalism. They quickly divided themselves in two shield lines to deal with both threats at once. The soldiers facing the goblins dropped their spears and unsheathed their swords.


Leading the charge comes a female goblin, her skin of a deep dark green and her ears pierced multiple times with bone studs. She carried no weapon, but as soon as she came in the range of the human’s swords, she threw a handful of ashes towards the humans. This confused them for a moment, but they kept their eyes focused on the enemies and their swords readied. With a whispered magical word from the goblin the ashes exploded in dark smoke.


The humans coughed and covered their eyes from the acrid smoke, but it seemed to have little effect on the goblins. Their big yellow eyes could see through the smoke and small as they were, the goblin’s blades were wicked sharp. Used to fighting creatures bigger than them, the goblins climbed and tumbled through the humans, searching for gaps in their armor where their blades could easily cut the flesh.


Now, with the soldiers having their attention divided the battle turns in your favor. You strike with brutal, quick bites that break their spears, and wreck their shields. The goblins navigate with grace through the battle, their obsidian blades spilling blood, and their darts going for eyes.


Without more conflict in your mind, you reached harmony with your body. The Predator is just an extension of your rage, you are just an extension of his cunning. Both tails lashed eagerly, their bony spikes rattling against the stone walls.


In the enclosed space the humans still had the advantage, their formation was divided, but they remained strong in their feet and their shields raised high. Still, there was fear growing in their minds, the changing numbers weren’t in their favor and suddenly this all seemed much more work than it was worth it.

Written by Ashley Natter on 18 April 2021

Both Victory

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