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While you kept the three of them at bay with feinting bites, the viper head attacked in quick bursts, his regrown fangs could go all the way through their leather armor and even a small dose of his poison would prove fatal for a human. You don’t manage to bit anyone, but the simple fear of it is enough for them to break the formation.


With their shield wall broken, you slam your body against them, your tails lashing angrily to keep them from reorganizing. Your claws broke their spears before they could put the distance they so desperately needed to properly use them. Some of them still tried to unsheathe their swords, but with the goblins coming from the other side and you looming amidst the dark smoke like an ancient beast of nightmares, they decided their best course of action was to just run away.


It takes you a moment to understand that the battle was over as the last humans escaped, your heart still thundering, the crash of adrenaline making your body as heavy as lead. The goblins surrounding screamed and danced with their victory, quickly savaging the human bodies for whatever they were worth and tossing them out of the temple when they were done.


There was no doubt in the minds of the goblins that you would take part in their celebration. More of their numbers quickly appeared through the cracks bringing in, in no specific order, barrels of ale, meat, and medical supplies.


The little creatures were eager to involve you in their celebrations, first by offering you tasty morsels of worms grilled above an open fire and seasoned with dried herbs and a selection of strange, pale vegetables cooked with fat pieces of bacon. While your own reaction was a cautious disgust of their cuisine, your other head had no qualms about devouring a couple of fatty worms and licked clean a plate of vegetables.

Written by Ashley Natter on 20 April 2021

Both Healing

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