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In a single moment, your hand seemed to take control of itself. You curled your fingers into a fist, and swung your arm at the nearest person coming at you. The shock caused your knuckles to tingle, yet something inside of you wanted to do it again, and so you did. Soon an all out brawl; fists were flying, people were crying out in pain, and your guard tried its best to both break up the fight, while protecting you.
“I don’t need protection.” you thought to yourself, feeling absolutely invigorated from the pulses of adrenaline. “I just need to-” your thoughts were cut off abruptly, and the last thing you remember was your vision fading as you lay on the ground. The crowd surrounded your body, laid out, and rapidly losing consciousness; your head throbbed, and soon it all went black.
You woke up later in what seemed like a peasant’s hut, yet it was filled with a plethora of unfamiliar faces. With folded arms and angrily furrowed brows, they confronted you one after the other. Your body was firmly tied up to a chair, and your mind raced with the possibilities.
They berated you with questions about their tax money, their rights as citizens, and whether or not they’d ransom you off to your family.
“Would they even pay up?” You worried to yourself without saying a word. “I’m stuck here… I’m stuck… They trapped me..” Your mind repeated over and over as each of the peasants took their turn questioning you. It was unbeknownst to you how long that would have gone on for, but by the time the sun started shining through the darkened windows, you were about ready to pass out.
“I think we should ransom her? Maybe then they’ll start respecting us the way they should.”
“No, she should be their Martyr, that’d teach them.” Your stomach dropped as you listened to their conversation. A huge and deep-voiced giant anthro walked up to you, with a booming voice.
“Why don’t we show her what it’s like to live like us.” he said with his muscular arms crossed tightly over his hulking pectorals. The group was quiet for a moment, and then they began to mutter. Their banter slowly turned into cheering as they simultaneously agreed to give you the proper ‘peasant’s life’
You were knocked out once again, and when you came around, you found yourself being shipped off in an oxen cart with several others.
“What are you in for?” An old ratty haired canine barked across the small box at another.
“Stealing.” a man’s voice replied from the shadows. “An yerself?” he continued.
“I’m a lady of the night.” she replied.
“And you?” he said, looking at a third person, you barely noticed at first. His small stature took up nearly half of the typical space the average fur would have.
“I killed a man.” he said, and their eyes widened.
“How could someone so small-” you thought to yourself before their eyes fell upon you. “Oh shoot. Are they asking me…?” the large man’s curt nod in your direction signaled for you to speak. You didn’t know what to say, and your previous attempts at speaking seemed to fail you. Luckily for you, by the time you opened your mouth to say your piece, the cart had already arrived at the destination.
The small group was filed out, and you scanned your environment. It seemed to be some kind of production farm, and you nearly fainted at the idea of how hard you would have had to work if this was truly your new life. When the four of you were lined up, a large guard signaled for you all to wait a moment. Once again, your ‘cellmates’ awaited your response.

Written by Driftingdragon on 01 October 2020

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