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"I had a job… And I failed it." The words rolled slowly off your lips, and your shame was strong enough to show in the way your vocal chords pulled in air sharply as you spoke. Besides the bustling sounds of captives working in the distance, it fell silent between you and the others. Your gaze fell to the ground, just past your shackles wrists, and your stomach filled with anxiety.
The ragged old woman looked at you with sad eyes and gave you a subtle touch- a moment of physical comfort. At this point, you had begun to accept your fate, recognizing all the mistakes you had made in the past, and in a sense, you slowly began your journey of redemption for your actions. By the time the drivers came around to move everyone to their new posts, your mind was fully occupied with thoughts of your family, your friends, and most of all, your old life. It was a simpler time, yet you wished you could have appreciated it more for what it was, instead of trying to fly so high into the sun that it would singe your feathers like a forest fire.

Written by Driftingdragon on 03 October 2020

The end (for now)
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