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Her friends had accompanied her home before leaving to set up the party. Dan spent a couple of hours trying on her new shirts, trying on some of the old jewellery her sister had left and perhaps, most importantly, considering her place in life.


She spent several hours moving around, just feeling her body while resting on her haunches, feeling, what it meant to be Danny instead of Dan. She tugged at her maw in the mirror, she tweaked her ears, she marvelled at just how attractive she looked, especially with her features brought into sharp focus by her expertly applied cosmetics.


She was getting a little scared that she liked this, that somehow, this was something she wanted and had not realised it. Had she always wanted to be a girl? Wanted to be a skunk?


She shook her head, no…surely that just could not be possible.


Beep Beep Beep” she glanced at her alarm, it was almost time to head to the party.


She pulled on the soft pink top and slid the velvet choker around her neck. She hesitated, and then added a simple silver chain and a pair of silver bracelets around one arm. One final fluff of her hair and she was ready.


Walking down the street was beyond strange, she felt like she had done this before, she had done this before. The streets were filled with that same sensation of unseen static, an early warning that there might be thunder later, and again, that foreboding flooded into her like an unwanted guest.


When she rang the doorbell, she was frightened, how could she not be? Last time she was here, that is, if she ever really was here, her friends had acted very strangely and she had somehow been turned into this skunk girl. There was symbolism here, a developing reflection as if the skeins of fate were being aligned like the threads of a cat’s cradle.


“Come in” Called Pammy. Dan paused and pushed the door open. There were her friends, sitting in a circle. She gulped as Sammy said the chilling words “We are playing Truth or Dare. Join us! Truth or dare!” her voice was not mechanical however, it was warm, inviting. Something was fundamentally different.


Dan took a hesitant step into the room and gave them a nervous smile. This was the first time David and Gassan had seen her new form and they were staring at her with a curious wonder; very different from the glassy stares last night.


Gassan grinned slightly “Please Choose Dare!”


‘Now David will speak’ she thought, but it was Jake who replied “Oh yes, I can think of many things I would like to, uhm, ‘Dare’ you”


The others laughed


“…T…Truth” Danny said, the hackles rising on the back of her neck.


“What are you?” Pammy asked with a smile

Written by foxyscribe on 05 June 2017

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