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The air caught in Danny’s throat and she struggled to speak, yet, that pressure she remembered, that force that insisted she speak. It wasn’t there. It would seem her struggles this time were simple anxiety.


Her eyes widened. If she could speak freely, if she answered Human, might she go back to normal?


“I am-” Her voice faltered, she didn’t want to say it, why didn’t she want to say it? And why were her eyes starting to water? “I am” she tried again rubbing away a tear.


Despite how weird the day had been, she had come to feel rather wonderful. This new form was strong and athletic, it was attractive and welcoming. It felt…right. She felt right.


She was crying now “A skunk, I am a skunk”


A cheer went up in the room, it was surprisingly loud considering it was made by just three people. Suddenly they were all hugging her, it was affectionate; Jake must have been holding himself back.


Pammy gave me a deep, wonderfully pure smile “I am so happy for you, this is just a beginning, you can do whatever you want, be whoever you want”


“Date whomever you want” added Daniel to a series of laughs.


Danny returned her smile, just as pure, watching through tear-blurred eyes.


How could she not have known? This was what she had wanted all along!

Written by foxyscribe on 05 June 2017


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