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The guard's greeting is cordial as he leads you through the corridors of the data vault building. His attention shifts between the identification card in your paw and the holographic interface that acknowledges your presence. The neon lights within the building create a cool, ethereal ambiance that matches the sleek design of the surroundings.


You find yourself led to an unassuming door marked "Cleaning Closet." The guard gestures for you to enter, his expression neutral. A moment of confusion flickers within you – why a cleaner? But then, as you step inside and close the door behind you, the pieces fall into place. The anthro cat's foresight becomes evident – as a cleaner, you're nearly invisible. No one pays attention to those who keep the premises tidy and functional.


A sense of realization washes over you as you stand amidst cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment. The hum of the building's technology resonates in your ears, a reminder that this is where you need to be. The city's symphony of sounds – the hum of engines, the distant echoes of conversations, and the soft vibrations of movement – creates a backdrop to your contemplation.


Just as the guard's departing footsteps fade, he turns back to you and offers a comment that's both casual and weighted. "It's good that someone like you is trying to improve themselves." His words echo in the small space, carrying a sense of hierarchy that's emblematic of the city's anthros versus humans divide. The comment serves as a reminder of the status quo, the dynamics that shape the cyberpunk city's society.


With the guard's departure, you're left in the confines of the cleaning closet, your disguise providing a semblance of freedom within the data vault building. It's an irony that's not lost on you – the role of cleaner affords you access, a way to navigate the premises without suspicion. You can almost feel the anthro cat's presence, his influence woven into your every move.


As you venture further into the building, the corridors stretch before you, each step taking you deeper into the heart of the data vault. The holographic interfaces respond to your presence, their patterns shifting to acknowledge your legitimacy. The neon lights continue to cast their iridescent glow, illuminating the path ahead.


But eventually, you encounter a locked door, a barrier that separates you from the data terminal you're after. The device in your paw holds the coordinates, the key to unlocking the secrets that lie within. The holographic interface beside the locked door shimmers with anticipation, its colors shifting in rhythm with your thoughts.

Written by - on 06 September 2023

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