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The realization that you're facing a locked door and a data terminal just out of reach propels you into action. You take a step back, your gaze sweeping over the corridor and the holographic interfaces that line the walls. Your eyes settle on a nearby door – an office marked with a holographic sign that reads "Maintenance."


With purpose in your steps, you approach the office door, the neon lights casting shifting patterns on its surface. The holographic interface beside the door responds to your presence, the colors and patterns shifting to acknowledge your legitimacy. With a press of your paw, the door hisses open, revealing the dimly lit interior.


Inside the office, the hum of technology is a constant undercurrent. Shelves line the walls, filled with maintenance equipment, cleaning supplies, and stacks of data tablets. Your eyes scan the room, searching for any sign of a key that might unlock the barrier to the data terminal.


On a cluttered desk in the corner, a small holographic terminal flickers to life, casting a pale blue glow across the room. Papers are strewn across the surface, seemingly haphazard but organized in their own way. Among the mess, your eyes catch a glint of metal – a key. It's perched beside a stack of data tablets, its presence all but hidden amidst the chaos.


You reach out, your fingers closing around the key. The weight of the metal is tangible in your paw, a symbol of progress and opportunity. As you examine it, you can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment – a step forward in your mission to retrieve the piece of code that the anthro cat seeks.
With a steady hand, you insert the key into the lock, its metallic click resonating through the corridor. The door creaks open, revealing the path that leads to the data terminal

Written by - on 22 September 2023

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