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“Woah!” Casey gasped as she saw the true massiveness of the tower. Duke and Buddy also made a quick noise at the magnificence of the structure. You had already seen it before, but part of you also wanted to gasp in awe- despite not letting a single breath pass your lips. You still wanted to seem cool to everyone, despite being on your last legs from exhaustion.
“Shall we?”
“Go inside?” The twins prodded excitedly.
“Why not!” Duke demanded. As he started to lead the others of the platoon into the building. For a moment, you thought about it- nearly having second thoughts as you neared the threshold of the massive pyramid structure.
At this point, you had become so exhausted that you didn’t even know what to do. Part of you wanted to stay outside and set up camp- you didn’t know what could have been inside. Thenagain, maybe if you all entered the building, there would be an even safer position for you all to set up camp in. Regardless, at this point you were so exhausted that your mind was slowly becoming more and more corrupt with how tired you had become.
The last thing you wanted to do was show them any indication that you were actually feeling it. You were a god after all. You pushed through it though- you were the last one to enter the building and of course they seemed to expect you to check the flank to make sure it was clear.
When you got inside, you looked around to see a kind of feat of technology. Bright lights lit up hallways, and the walls were decorated with various types of statues. They took the form of all sorts of anthros like birds, canines, felines, you even spotted some kind of creature that looked quite similar to you: a human face, feline attributes, and powerful broad wings. It was actually the centerpiece of the massive hallway you all stood in, luckily for you, none of the others seemed to take much notice as they examined the space.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 01 January 2022

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