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The assistant looks up shocked "you mean the one that hasn't been tested?"


The scientist rolls his eyes. "Yes that one, and don't ask questions just give it to me!"


The assistant hands the serum the scientist. He grabs a large needle and puts it in the serum. A greenish blue liquid fills the needle. The scientist does that thing to remove the air from the serum getting some on the floor. The stuff on the floor almost immediately turns gray. "This shouldn't hurt, unless you struggle. "


The scientist walks over and sticks the needle in your neck. Due to you being a wimp when it comes to pain you try to sit as still as possible.


The scientist pulls out a clipboard; "now this serum should brake down your molecular structure allowing you to shape shift" the assistant brings over some sort of handcuffs that looked like they came out of a sci-fi movie.
They where made of some sort of blue energy thing. "These cuffs should stop you from escaping after shape shifting."


You find it hard to believe that the serum worked because you didn't even feel a tingle, let alone any pain. The assistant garbed your arm after releasing the things that bound you to the table. He put the cuffs on and led you to a cell. "You’ll stay here, oh and don't even think about trying to escape. The cuffs make it imposable to get pass these bars. While your here I suggest you practice the new ability, not like there is anything else to do here " he then closes the cell and walks away.


You sit in the corner wondering how you’re going to get out of here, suddenly you feel strange. You feel your bones cracking and your muscles shifting. You’re transforming? Into what?

Written by Stealfur on 01 March 2008

Both Something hard to hold.

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