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David, the last to take his turn, approached the cosmic board with a mix of anticipation and curiosity. He picked up the dice and gave them a roll, the room holding its breath as the dice clattered and the final card materialized with an ethereal glow.


The words on the card hinted at a significant choice: "In the cosmic theater, a decision awaits. Will you embrace the mantle of royalty or take the path of a servant? Choose, and let the hands of destiny shape your fate."


David considered the options presented to him, weighing the potential consequences of his decision. After a moment of contemplation, he announced, "I choose royalty."


As David made his choice, a subtle transformation began. His hands underwent a gradual shift, fingers elongating into graceful and elegant hooves. The room held a hushed anticipation as a regal crown materialized on his head, completing the transformation into a figure of royalty.


The others watched in awe as David, now adorned with hoof-like hands and a majestic crown, stood with newfound regality. The room seemed to acknowledge the transformation, bathing him in a soft, golden light.


"How am I meant to roll the dice with these?" David asked, looking down at his transformed hands. "Perhaps we should stop playing."


As the idea of abandoning the game hung in the air, a card floated up from the deck in front of Danielle. The room held a moment of suspense as everyone turned their attention to the mystical message.


"Leaving is not allowed. Penalty is applied. 4-1 is not allowed. Pick '3-2' or '2-3' and choose David, Jake, or Gassan."


Danielle read the words aloud, her voice echoing in the room. The implications of the penalty and the specified choices left an air of uncertainty among the group. The dice, now carrying the weight of consequences, awaited the next move, as the friends faced the mysterious consequences of their cosmic journey.

Written by - on 25 January 2024

Both 2-3 David

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