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“I know about great place where we could go,” David said. “For camping, I mean.”


“Oh, I thought we would go to usual place,” Daniel said in surprise. They had favourite campsite in the mountains, it was barely 50 minutes of driving to get there and the location was really quiet.


“Not this time,” David said unusually seriously.


“I agree, we should do something different this time,” Pammy said. “The change is good,” she added in strangely flat tune, as if she was quoting something.


“Yeah, the change is good,” David repeated. “You´re gonna like it, don´t worry.”


Daniel shrugged. “Okay. We´ll see about it.” He stood up from the table and grabbed his backpack. “I gotta go, see you later.”


His friends bit their goodbyes and he left, heading home. All the way, Daniel felt that he was missing something, or forgot something, but he couldn´t quite place that feeling. Maybe it was something about school, he decided eventually and shook his head. That can wait.


When the next weekend came, Daniel couldn´t wait to get out of the town. He was stressed out because of the tests (hopefully, he passed them all) and his dreams were worse than ever. Every night, he would wake up at midnight, panting and trembling. And he would never remember why! He could only remember that they came to visit him again and led him into dark room filled with mirrors.

Written by lulu-illussions on 09 January 2018

Abandoned Military Complex

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