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Daniel really tried to forget about the dreams, but it was hard. During the day, he would feel eyes watching him and when he turned, there was no one around. And yet, everywhere he went, he felt followed.


Hopefully, spending the weekend with his friends would help him to get rid of this paranoia. He was even glad that they were going to some new place. Change of the setting could stop the dreams. Or spending time with friends could. Either way, Daniel was looking forward to the weekend.


If only he knew better.


“Here we are,” David announced, when the car stopped at the wired fence.


“I thought we´re going camping,” Daniel said with a frown.


“We decided to play a dare,” Pammy explained. “And dare was to visit this place. It´ll be all right,” she added, when she saw Daniel´s puzzled look.


“What´s even that?” Daniel asked.


“Just an abandoned military complex, no big deal,” Jake joined the conversation. “No one was here for years,” he continued, “so we´ll have the whole place for ourselves to explore. Don´t worry.”


“Right, don´t worry,” Pammy and David said in unison.


“Okay,” Daniel retorted, still unsure. On the other hand, visiting weird abandoned facility could push his dreams away. In the worst case, he´ll have new nightmares to worry about. “Okay, let´s go,” he said, taking a deep breath.

Written by lulu-illussions on 13 January 2018

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