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You don’t hate the idea of a walk, but you know that your body is trying to recover and needs as much sleep as it can get to heal as fast as it can. You tell him this and he agrees, telling you he will just show you around later. You find the idea of falling back asleep with this strange wolf a bit strange, but you are so tired that you don’t think about it too much. The rock you’re lying on definitely isn’t comfy, but you find yourself slipping into sleep quickly.


You dream of a wide field, full of tall grass and the scents of animals. You feel your animal instincts urging you to go after the closest of the scents, one which you recognize to be a rabbit. You find that you’re on all fours and you easily crouch low to the ground and creep towards the unaware prey. As you near you can see the little brown rabbit munching on some sort of plant, and at the last second, it picks its head up in surprise, catching your scent. Before it can dash though, you’re on it, crushing the life out of its throat with your strong jaws.


Your mouth salivates and you’re just about to take a bite when you’re jostled from sleep. You aren’t sure what woke you up since there is no one near you, but you hear a quiet conversation nearby you. You can either pretend to be asleep so you can eavesdrop if they’re talking about you, or get up to try and join the conversation.

Written by Pandachannnnn on 30 April 2017

Male Pretend to Sleep
Male Get up

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