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“Well. Even I haven’t been able to catch fish the way I used to.” You mentioned. “It’s been rough for us everywhere, and I’ve come from a far away land because of that. We’re all out of fish in my homeland and I haven’t seen my family in years. I don’t know if they’re starving or not, but I had to go to find more fish. I can see that what happened where I am from is happening here and I just wanted to make sure to be able to stop whatever is going on.”
Your speech seemed to compel the others. Some of the seals were looking at you with concern and you almost started to feel bad for them feeling bad for your complete lie. Still, in a sense, in every lie is a bit of the truth, you are away from your family though it may not be as long as you made it seem. You were actually quite enjoying your time here. The sympathy of the others started to feel good as you watched their reaction, waiting for their response.
“Oh my lord. I see.” The woman replied. “Well, what happened to the fish from your home?” she pondered.
“Humans came and took them all.” You said ominously. “The only thing we could do was run away from it. We tried finding new land but by the time we had left it was too late. There were no other fish for miles. I am lucky I had finally come this far and survived. You all are helping me out more than you could understand and for the fish that helped to sustain me this far will be repaid tenfold if you accept my help.
“And why should we believe you.” The intimidating male asked.
“Well. Do you really have any choice?” You asked.
“What if she’s just another mouth to feed? What if she has pups? That would be far more trouble than what it’s worth.” Another random voice suggested.
“But she’s right, we have a lot to lose if the same thing ends up happening to us.”
“Yeah, she seems experienced. Trustworthy.” The mother seal mentioned. “And if she is lying, then she’ll get what’s coming to her.” She said in an ominous tone, other seals nodded seriously as though they understood exactly what she meat.
“Thank you so much. If you want, we can all talk more about some kind of plan we can maybe move forward with?” You asked. “There are a few things we should be talking about, considering you all do trust me. Here’s some of my ideas.” You said before laying it all out to them.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 15 September 2023

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