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“We need to find another group, with more people we can go hunting easier, and chances are, if we can find a small group, we can send out scouts to be able to find a place where we could all settle where there’s more food.” You suggested.
“That sounds kind of risky.” A random voice mentioned.
“Don’t you think it would be harder to feed more of us?” someone else asked.
“Well, I guess if we have more people, our territories will be more secure, we can protect ourselves way more than if we were as small as we are now.” A male voice replied.
You listened to them all banter for a moment and after a bit of talking things through, the largest male turned to you once more, finally having come to a conclusion.
“We agree. Do you know where we could go?” He mentioned.
“Well, I came from the north, it’s getting worse and worse up there so coming south- here- I found more fish. I assume the pattern will continue if we keep going south.”
“If that’s the case, we’ll leave first thing in the morning.” The giant seal mentioned. It was settled then and there. You could tell by the shere speed that this little group of seals were incredibly desperate. For a moment you wondered if you were actually just taking advantage of them for the sake of your adventure but that thought didn’t last too long in your mind.
You didn’t even think twice about whether or not your lie would have backfired, you just wanted to have fun and do some adventuring while you were here and in this magical new world.
The next day rolls around and you rise with the sun. You could see the others waking up around you and promptly, everyone started on the journey to a new land. Somehow, as you took the long trip with some of what almost felt like your brethren, you started to feel more connected with the earth around you.
Occasionally, you would stop and chat with some of the mothers and they would tell you endless stories about their upbringing and how they plan to bring up their own children. Somehow, it made you feel like you too wanted to be a part of it all. Throughout time, you all traveled several miles and along the way you felt as though you had many friends of them all and somehow you started to feel more whole than you ever would have.
Slowly, you all started finding some more fish and even stopped in a perfect spot for resting and getting some food. You all filled your bellies and many of the other members had finally felt satisfied for the first time in a long time.
“Hey! Where’s my child!” one of the mothers called out. “I can’t find my child!” She started swimming around frantically. “He was just here with me catching fish, has anyone seen him!” She screamed and cried desperately for the others to help out. Of course, you too felt inclined to help the situation as it quickly started to unfold.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 17 September 2023

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