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Paul's buddy steps back in surprise. He scowls.


"All right, prisoner, back against the wall."


You do so. You hear the clank of the guard's boots as he repositions himself.


"Find him?" Paul queries.


"Yep," is his reply. "Right, prisoner, for starting that bar brawl you've been sentenced to jail. However, because two of the main people you socked were filthy werebeasts, I'm giving you three alternate forms of repayment to society.


One: The local Mages Guild will send you out to a Kerrokovian province in need of protection during its mining and transportation endeavors. Protect the camp well for one full week and you'll have the opportunity to continue your service with pay, or leave.


Two: The Rogue's Tomb near the bar where you started the fight is rumored to have an extremely valuable blade. If you choose this task, you will retrieve it and deliver it to us to deliver to the Empress. The tomb is absolutely bursting out its arse with traps; like so many places these days, no one's come out alive.


Oh, and in case you're wondering; you can't use the blade to escape our imprisonment.


Three: Since you seem to have a desire to beat up werecreatures, you'll be sent over the Orilvindian pass with a potion inside you that will make you a werebeast of your choice for fourteen days. Before the potion wears off, you will assassinate the werebeast leader, Fang Dro'Velloch, and return here with proof. Do this, and you'll be rewarded with more than freedom."


"So, them's the conditions, prisoner.


How about it?"

Written by Mr.Peaches on 20 June 2006

I'll take door number one.
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