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Kerrokovian province, come for the work, stay for the work. star star star emptystar emptystar

You choose to go to Kerrokovian province, because hey, that's why you became a reality jumper, to see places.


As the guard escorts you out of the prison, which is made really well despite being refurnished, twice from the looks of it, he begins to tell you about what you will be doing.


"When you get to... where ever you are going to, go speak to the province master, Arthur Musketball. He will tell you what you are suppose to be doing there."


When he finishes talking, most of it forgotten because you were daydreaming again, you arrive at the entrance of the Mages Guild.


"Well, this is your stop, have a nice day, and don't let the teleportation spell hit you on your way to Kerrokovian province."


You enter the Guild, and immediately the Guild Master, Gran Lujor (Yes, you know her name, the guard said it on your way here) sees you, walks up to you and informs you that teleporation will begin immediately.


As soon as she finishes saying all of that, all the mages begin to chant, and you feel a pulling sensation. Instantaneously, the world dissapears around you, only to reappear as a middle of a field. Looks like the spell worked, seeing as how their spells always seem to mess up and hurt or kill the subject, so be glad they had Empress's Mage there to insure the spell worked.

Written by on 14 August 2007

The end (for now)
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