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<spanFullTF>"Alright... I'll let you try out the spell." You say reluctantly, but anyway to get back to being human or at least partially human is better than this.
"Great! That's Fantastic!" she giggles and then you feel a tingling in the base of your trunk. You feel your consciousness getting sucked downwards into a new body as it steps out of the tree.


As you step out you collapse to the ground sucking in large gulps of air. But there is one problem. You look down at your chest where two orbs are hanging and you feel your new weight that has grown there. At least you are wearing clothes.


You scream in alarm and back up against the tree you just came out of. You touch your face now and realize that you aren't the same person you once were. You are now Female!


"Like it?" the voice says. Then you see her jump from the tree landing nimbly on her feet, "My name is Vivia by the way." She holds out her hand which you take.


Do you like this new form?

Written by Anonymous on 11 March 2013

The end (for now)
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