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Daniel got a flashlight for his own. Since the bunker and the front entrance were taken by the others, Daniel was left with no any other choice but to go into the dark tunnel. He didn’t like where he had to go for one bit, but at the same time, he also didn’t one to be the one who spoiled the mood.


The tunnel was dark and rusty, with dirt covering pretty much every inch of the place. Every step he took caused the soles of his shoes to sank lower, almost making him slip for a handful of times. He had to be careful if he didn’t want to fall down.


He kept on walking until he found an intersection which one of them lead him to a small lab. The room, just like the rest of the place, appeared to be abandoned. The lab was so old that he could see mold growing on the surface. While the place was old and disgusting, Daniel couldn’t help it when curiosity started to creep in. This place seemed like it had a story of its own, and his curiosity was telling him to go and explore. But at the same time, shouldn’t he call for the others? What should he do?


Written by Stella Purple on 21 March 2017

Both Call the others
Both Explore the lab
Both Werewolves
Both Cupboards

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