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As he explores the floor fails and he finds himself falling.
At the bottom of the fall he suddenly slows and stops. Looking around he finds himself in a dimly lit hallway.
He calls out but there is no response. There is a light sound of shuffling nearby and he turns to face the direction of the sound.
A voice calls out "Lifeform detected"
"Who are you?" he asks.
"I am the ship's computer. Trying to match your profile"
Before he can speak up the computer speaks again. "Match found. DNA damage extreme. Emergency DNA correction to be started"
"Wait! What are you talking about?"
"Starting protocol"
Before he can speak up a tiny robot moves up and injects him.
"Please proceed to the medical bay for observation" A series of light turn on leading him forward.

Written by AIDungeon on 12 March 2021

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