Rating 4 / 5

This is more like two stories in one, which means it is a long book

Transforamtion wise the MC is dealing with an alterntive life when ever they go to sleep so you get the shift between the two forms. This of course esculates into an actual transformation and her attempts to hide it

The other world story is quite generic but the "real world" story is where the meat of the transformation content is. You see her deal with the new instincts and trying to hide the changes

The conclusions of the story are quite diffrent however, the other world story comes to a conclusion while the real world story does not. And the big "why is this happening question is still unanswered although I have some theories that are very diffrent then the characters

The biggest negative I have that stops it from being a 5 is the length, with two stories you almost get two novels worth of content.

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