Rating 1 / 5

While their are elements of transformation, they are mostly tacked on and could easily be removed. On top of this their are too many characters taking the stage for anyone of them to stand out

While the world-building gives you an idea of what the world is like their are inconsistencies in the story. For instance why is the main character not an alpha? Based on his actions their is no reason for him not to be one.

While their is tension between thous who live their full time and thous who only come for the school year, this part of the story is dropped very quickly.

I think I would not be too far saying it is a cheap Harry Potter clone with werewolves as the main characters.

Overall this is very much another example of why born-werewolves do not make good subjects for transformation books

Raised by Wolves: Book 1 Reviews The War of Embers

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