Rating 3 / 5

Best in Show A fun story with a twist that in hindsight does have the clues for it. 5/5

We Dig What happens when shifters are fully integrated into society. 5/5

Eyes Like Pearls I would of liked to know what species this one was, and did not like it that much. Not 2/5

Among the grapevines, Growing One of the unique species in the book. Enjoyable but really needs more answers. 3/5

A party for Bailey Kids will be kids, especially if encouraged by some adults. 3/5

Cry Murder Natural enemies even in wereform. 3/5

Missy the Were Pomeranian vs the masters of mediocre doom Superheros but really not much is explained and not a very good transformation. 2/5

Paper WaspA horror story and not my cup of tea but done well. 3/5

Point FiveWhen the wereform has very good regenerative powers, what happens when they go back to human. 3/5

The promise of deathProbably not a were story as such but still transformation. 4/5

The five Bean solutionDue to the transformations being only incidental I have to give this one 1/5

Witness ReportA very good twist, it leads you to expect one thing and then at the very end it goes in another way. 4/5

Attack of the werezombie friendship with benefitsNot much focus on the transformation for this one. 1/5

The WhaleAnother shifters semi-integrated story. The key difference with this one is to do with the weight difference between forms. 2/5

Anzu, Duba, BeastI think this one feels like is set in the middle of a series and needs the rest of the books to complete it. 2/5

ShiftrFacebook + dating app + keeping wereform secret + dotcom venture captial thing. 3/5

Sniff for your lifeAnother one of the shifters integrated stories. Using their abilities as part of the emergency services. 4/5

Bound in Scales Reviews Temptation Of The Moon

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