Bound in Scales

Rating 4 / 5

After reading this book I really wanted to give it a 5. But their is a big glaring problem that stopped me. The first part of the book is so slow that I almost gave up reading it.

If you can get past about the first transformation, that is when the book really begins. It ticks nearly all the boxes for what makes a great transformation story. From what I remember the actual transformation description was not that great(But then nearly all the four and five rating stories here fail on this point).

The transformation here is a bit on the darker side then others. However the method used does come into play later (SPOILLER ALERT To transform into the dragon he needs to take an unhatched egg and the hide of the dragon inside. This semi-awakens the dragon spirit and does influence him while in dragon form. )

The mental effects of transforming are gone into detail along with the effects of the dragons who find out about it.

I would say this book has two stories after the prologue. One deals with him living as a dragon in their world. The second with dealing with the fallout of being found out (and having to rescue someone). Both deal with transformation in different ways but both well.

Overall I can highly recommend this story, I jut wish the author had condensed the first few chapters into a single one

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