by catprog
   Here we go... by Rikki
      Foxy by Eavna
         Foxy 2 by TF_Gal
            Befriending Bandit by TFGal
               "I thought the island was abandoned" by catprog
                  Strange World by marissalikesgreenday
      hmm this isn't so bad........ or is it by Draiko
      Otterous! by Sock
      Which type by Hank Sheffield
      Griffon by Ai Dungeon
         Try and communicate by Ai Dungeon
            Hungry by Ai Dungeon
      Dragon by -
         Dragoness by -
   Water, Water Everywhere... by Chrysalis
   A Lake with a Secret by Anonymous
      Mirror Mirror by Anonymous
         Fight It by Luksinatriks
            Chose not to drink from the water. by Luksinatriks
               Reaction! by Luksinatriks
                  Continue sleeping, choosing to think about all of this in the morning by Luksinatriks
                      A rude awakening by Luksinatriks
                        You chose to tell him by Luksinatriks
                           You tell him not to risk it. by Luksinatriks
                              Say no, not worth risking it! by Luksinatriks
                              Say yes, the water changes you back! by Luksinatriks
                              Say yes, the water doenst do anything. by Luksinatriks
                                 Go to the summit with Marcus. by Luksinatriks
                                    New people by Luksinatriks
                                       You come out. by Luksinatriks
                                          You tell them what happened. by Luksinatriks
                                              They believe you. by Luksinatriks
                                                You investigate it by Luksinatriks
                                                    You try to interact and fix the thing by Luksinatriks
                                                      You decide to get a view of the isle. by Luksinatriks
                                                         See someone! by Luksinatriks
                              Say yes, the water makes you even more feminine. by Luksinatriks
                                 Go to the summit. by J.B. BJkowitz
                              Say yes the water turns you into a sphinx! by Luksinatriks
                                 Blame him for the transformation. by Luksinatriks
                                 "Are you still you?" by catprog
                                    "Nope..." and punishment by catprog
                                       Mount by catprog
         Fall down by catprog
   Shifting into Gear by Zorpix
      Shifting into Gear by Zorpix
         Shift in the weather by Zorpix
            A Seal by Catprog
               Harder Than You Thought by marissalikesgreenday
            Whale of a Tale by Zorpix
               Radiance by Zorpix
   The Author, Lycan Gruff by SketchySeraph
      To the Woods by SketchySeraph
         Investigate by SketchySeraph
            Look At The Shrine by SketchySeraph
               Offer A Leaf by SketchySeraph
                  Your Chest by SketchySeraph
                     But Your Ears Begin To Tingle by SketchySeraph
                        You Were Right! by SketchySeraph
                           But The Changes Aren't Done With You Yet by SketchySeraph
                              Offer Your Phone by SketchySeraph
                                 Itchy by SketchySeraph
                                    Your Face by SketchySeraph
                                       Leave The Clearing by SketchySeraph
                                          Run by SketchySeraph
         Walk away by catprog
            Female skunk sphinx by catprog
         Pick up by catprog
      Ocean by NovelAi
      Bat by -
         Female by -
      A Viewing Platform by -
         Sphinx by -
   Eric, just your Average Joe. by vanillametal
      Through the nearby jungle by vanillametal
         Have a drink. by vanillametal
            Something happens. by vanillametal
               It doesn by vanillametal
                  The Average Joe becomes an Average Jane by vanillametal
                     Seeing The Truth by vanillametal
                        What now? by vanillametal
                           Search for food. by vanillametal
                              Strange reunion by vanillametal
                                 Explain yourself by vanillametal
                                    To find the others by vanillametal
                                       Head to the lake by vanillametal
                                          The next day by vanillametal
                                             The search for your companions by vanillametal
                                                Look up by vanillametal
                                                   Getting nowhere with this by vanillametal
                                                      Possible escape? by vanillametal
                                                         Touch the medallion, find your freedom! by vanillametal
                                                         Stay here. You can by vanillametal
   Yourself by catprog
      The arrival ship by catprog
         First Night by catprog
            Lion Pride by catprog
               The three survivors by GoldenAltaira
                  Split up by GoldenAltaira
                     Back at camp by GoldenAltaira
                        Fight by GoldenAltaira
                           Attack by GoldenAltaira
                              Lion by GoldenAltaira
         Caves by -
            Jaguar Power Armor by -
      Plane by Nero Hopps
         Beach by Nero Hopps
            Friendly by Nero Hopps
               Trapping by Nero Hopps
                  Bunny by Nero Hopps
                     In the Morning by Nero Hopps
                        Vicki by Nero Hopps
                           Not Well by Nero Hopps
   Waking up changed by catprog
      Tigress Taur by AGhostInTheMachine
         A Human by AGhostInTheMachine
            Getting the lay of the land by AGhostInTheMachine
               Dumb Creatures by AGhostInTheMachine
                  Go for it by AGhostInTheMachine
                     Village by AGhostInTheMachine
                        Attack by AGhostInTheMachine
                           Map Information by AGhostInTheMachine
                              Planing by AGhostInTheMachine
                                 Morning by AGhostInTheMachine
                                    Instincts by AGhostInTheMachine
                                       More Instincts by AGhostInTheMachine
                                          Ground Zero by AGhostInTheMachine
                                       An Alternative to Escape by catprog
      John the Skunk by ChatGPT
         The next morning by ChatGPT