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(Story 6 Page 550) Skirt

Eventually, skirts won this crucial debate. Daniel felt getting used to the draft would be a better experience than having shorts clinging to her butt. Turning to check her profile in the mirror, Daniel gave a small sigh. The hanging fabric did nothing to hide the heavy bottom nature of her changing figure. On the bright side, most of it was rippling muscle under all that fur. The other guys in Daniel's circle of friends would never hope to achieve this kind of running power on a high school budget.

Daniel's trusty backpack was snatched up from the closet floor as she dashed out. The human hand was on the front doorknob when she remembered the digivice still sat on her desk.
The idea of just leaving it there was sorely tempting. It was not an unfair assumption to think that was the root of all Daniel's current morning problems. The toy had been a gift from 'them' after all.

On the other hand...paw there was no way of telling if distance would keep further reality glitches from happening. Besides, one of the guys at school might have an idea what to do with the stupid thing.

Racing back to her room only took Daniel a few surprising seconds. The very passing of her body was a blur in the corner of her parent's eye, barely generating a breeze at such speeds. Daniel could not help grinning that all her muscle poking through the fur was not for a sexy show. Such perks would have been really incredible to play around with if not for the monster girl transformation that came with them. Daniel swallowed her curiosity for later and grabbed the digivice with her human hand.


Written by DesmondFallout on 09-10-2018 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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