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(Story 6 Page 549) Getting Dressed

"Frack it!" Daniel snagged a random sports bra to proceed with dressing. The world was glitching out on her. Odds were good no one would raise an eyebrow over some girl clothes now. Technically they were not inappropriate anymore.

Daniel adjusted the straps gazing at the loose cups hanging off her chest. According to the tag they were only a size C, but still felt huge. Something told her it would be a necessity soon enough too.

At least Daniel's preferred assortment of shirts with meme references on the front remained intact. They just shrank to a smaller, snug size to better define her curves. She also found a few scraps of instructions revealing her pile of 'sleeves' were still actual socks. The ends had merely been designed to let the plump paws poke out for full pad support. Daniel had to admit it made them look kind of cute that way.

But then came the worst choice of the morning; shorts or skirts. Not a single pair of jeans or even sweats could be found among the other girly garments. And neither option really made Daniel that excited to head outside.

Written by DesmondFallout on 07-10-2018 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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