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(Story 6 Page 400) Together Again

When Daniel and David entered the room they saw the others sitting in a circle on the floor. No one was speaking and they all seemed wrapped up in their own devices but when Pammy saw the two of them she leaped to her feet. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly and traces of a worried frown nipped at the corners of her mouth. She grabbed Daniel by the shoulders.

“I thought this was all supposed to be over...” Pammy bit her lip and paused before shaking herself a little. She smiled at Daniel. “I’m sorry. How are you feeling?”

“Alright I guess.” Daniel didn’t meet her gaze. “My parents don’t remember least not the right me anyways.”

Pammy took her hand away. “I’m sorry...” she repeated. Jake, who had been gawking silently at Daniel since she arrived, cleared his throat. He stood up and walked over to them, abandoning the still quiet Gassan on the floor.

“So your parents don’t remember you?” Jake asked. His hand quickly replaced Pammy’s on Daniel’s shoulder. “That’s rough.”

“They remember me as this, a cat girl. There were dresses in the closet and they called me Danielle,” Daniel clarified, eying Jake’s hand suspiciously. “Don’t know I haven’t been taken by the government if that’s the case but whatever, right?”

“Dresses huh? I was wondering if it was uncomfortable wearing pants with a tail. Not that the shorts don’t look good.” As Jake said this he stared at Daniel’s behind and the tail snaking out from one of the leg openings, completely unabashed.

“No. It’s not,” Daniel replied dryly. It was a small lie. The bike ride had not been entirely comfortable with the new bump to sit on but there was no way she would admit that wearing shorts instead of a dress might not have been the best decision. Jake noticed the look Daniel was shooting him and swiped his hand away. He crossed his arms and grinned at her.

“Sorry.” He leaned in a bit closer again, a single eyebrow raised then whispered. “You know if being at home with your parents makes you could always stay with me.”

Written by Flutterbest on 08-02-2018 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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