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(Story 3 Page 353) Road Rovers

You turn on the television, and soon you are watchingColleen . As you are watching, you notice a something moving out of the corner of your eye.
As you look, you realize that it is your fur changing color, going from a tiger-striped orange and black to a brick red. It also thickens up and becomes softer.
You soon feel your hips start shifting as your legs start growing longer and you again regain your bipedal position. Your paws become more like feet, however, they are still unmistakeably dog paws.
You look behind you and see your slinky tiger tail sprouting bushy fur and becoming a collie's tail.
You stand up to look at yourself, and see your tiger muzzle push out and slim up into a collie muzzle, complete with a dog's nose at the end. You look at your front legs and see that they too have become arms again, with small female hands.
"Wait, female?", you wonder to yourself. As if in response to your question, you feel a pinching in your groin as you see your manhood shrinking and finally disappearing. You feel a strange tingling in your chest as suddenly two large, furry breasts push out of your chest. You rub them in wonder and awe as your butt and hips swell up and become rounder and fuller as well.
You turn off the TV quickly and look at your reflection in the screen, seeing that you are now Colleen.
"I'm... I'm Colleen now?" you wonder out loud, surprised to hear your new feminine voice, which sounds more British to you.
"Of course!" you think to yourself, "Colleen is British!"
You giggle to yourself at this realization, however your fun is soon cut short as the TV flickers on again with two arrows pointing to either side of the screen.
You wonder what they could be pointing to, however as you are thinking, the walls suddenly slide up, revealing two doors.
"Now which one do I go through?"

Written by Akaio on 08-06-2011 and edited by catprog

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