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(Story 2 Page 1068) To the Bar

The water is cold at first. Your fur stands on end as you adjust, holding your arms to your chest for warmth. You begin to rise towards the surface, slowly feeling a warm wave wash over your ears and through your tail. Everything around you is silent. Peace. You begin to wonder why anyone would want to leave this place. This perfection. Sure, no home is perfect, but it’s the friends and family who make it a home. You think of the friends you’ve made here, and the adrenaline rush of adventures you’ve had along the way.

I’m glad this happened. You recall the monotonous life you lived before coming to this world and Coonsburough. The freedom you have here could never compare. Although your body may be a different one, your mind has never been happier. Why would I ever want to leave?

In that moment, you break the surface of the water to the cheers of Leo and Eva. Aaron smiles with his arms around Grace. “Nice one! Even the guys on the shore are looking!” You turn to the shore and glimpse cheering raccoons and laughing children. For the first time in a while, you genuinely smile. Everything is going to be okay. Your paw pads touch the wet sand as you reemerge from the water, wringing out your hair and walking back up the beach towards the bar. You take a seat on the center stool, offered to you by a generous beachgoer.

The bartender slides you a drink. “On the house, ma’am.”
You start to swallow it down, but slowly begin to sip as you attract several stares. When your glass is empty, you stand from the bar and head for the bathroom. Suddenly, a short raccoon wearing a hat covering his eyes steps into your path.

“Need a light?” He holds out a lighter, flicking it on. His face is expressionless.

You frown, beginning to step back. He takes one step closer. “I’m sorry, I do believe you misunderstand my intentions.” He reaches into a bag and pulls out a candle, extending it outwards in his paw. “You seem to have dropped this. Need a light?”

Written by MaxtheRaccoon on 11-06-2017 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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