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(Story 1 Page 849) Resting

You pant heavily as you and Gerod fall to the ground, many miles from where you had started your flight, your wings feeling like fire has engulfed your sore muscles as you land for the night. Gerod is less affected by this, as he lands next to you with a grin on his face as you fall to the ground, panting and huffing from the great exertion you had spent trying to get as far as you possibly could.

" this?" You huff to the griffon, looking up at him from your uncomfortable spot on the ground. "I...can barely wings...hurt...ugh!" You groan as you slide your wings about, the mere movement making you wince from agony.

"I have been flying for many years now, Alex. It is not so hard to fly when you have spent as much of your life in the air as you have walking along the ground." The griffon responds to your question with great pride and mirth. "Though your story truly does become more and more believable with each passing moment I spend with you...for sure I have never met a creature as strange as you, my dear Alex."

"Well I apologize...Gerod." You groan, working your sore and throbbing body to an upright position, though you continue to lay on the ground. "But I did tell you I am not...from this world." You pause for a second, taking in a deep gulp of air to try and calm your pounding heart, the organ threatening to rupture your chest with its wild and powerful convulsions. "I am not used to flying...I did not fly even in my old life."

"Well I hope you understand the wonder of flight now!" Gerod guffaws merrily as he begins to walk off.
"Where are you going?! Don't leave me!" You cry out after him, suddenly feeling great fear well up in your heart as you imagine the thought of being alone in this world without a guide at your side to show you the ways of this strange new world. You begin fighting your legs to work as you try and get them underneath you so that you can follow your guide and only friend, though the griffon turns about to look at you with a gaze full of mirth and bemusement as you fall to the ground, unable to gather any discernible amount of strength.

"Do not worry, dear Alex, I am not leaving you." The griffon explains, nodding at the surrounding area to where you sit. "I am merely going to gather food for the two of us. You will need your strength for tomorrow, for we have many miles more to cover and you are in dire need of energy. Now rest, and I will be back in a short while with some food for you."

You calm down at the griffon's explanation, though you can't help but feel as if you are being watched as he vanishes into the shadows.

Written by Czar Lawrence III on 18-02-2013 and edited by catprog

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