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(Story 1 Page 798) The vixen of the wood.

Closing your eyes, you can feel your body tingling. The change takes you with a sickening suddenness; fur turning red, muzzle pushing out. Your body shoots up, legs and paws distorting and torso expanding.
The near instant shift in perspective makes you ill and you have to fight in order to hold on to your last meal. Your ears ring, sounds echoing inside your skull as the world flashes, the woodland nightlife going to stark relief as everything turns as bright as day. Your fox sized rat's tail swish-cracks; up then down exploding into a foxes' red brush-tail.

Something else happens as well, at first you're not sure of what it is. A hollowing sensation, something sliding underneath your belly. Sliding... sliding inward, your amber colored eyes go wide in realization. You've turned into a vixen, a slight shiver runs through your body. And your mind thunders with a strange need; a calling for something that you cant quite place. It's hard to focus but something in the very deepest regions of your thought screams at you that you make a mistake and its time to change again.

Written by TobyFox2002 on 22-02-2012 and edited by catprog

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